New Facebook Ads API Keeps Advertisers More Updated with their Ads

New Facebook Ads API Keeps Advertisers More Updated with their Ads

Last Tuesday, Facebook released a new version of its Marketing API and one of its major updates is it gives advertisers more frequent updates on their ad campaigns, ad sets and ad status. The API is now on v3.2 and it is supposed to tell the advertiser whenever a created ad does not deliver.

Here Is Why You (The Advertiser) Should Care

Facebook’s Marketing API v3.2 alerts an advertiser if an ad fails to deliver. It will also offer more insights on what went wrong. The new feature will indicate if the ad does not deliver due to an error. An error list will also come with this notification to help speed up and improve the ease of troubleshooting.

We think this is going to be useful especially during big holiday ad campaigns where there is limited time and there a slimmer margin for error. The ad needs to be working like a charm during these seasons or profits will suffer. These constant notifications will keep advertisers on top of their ads.

Aside from this awesome new feature, Facebook has also announced that it has been rolling out Graph API which highly impacts Page Insights Metrics; Instagram Graph. This allows insights to show results in reverse chronological order against chronological order. They also started rolling out Video Polls that allows page managers to create and manage polls on Live Videos and Videos on Demand. They just keep finding ways to help businesses engage with their audience. And we love that!

Other Updates on Marketing and Graph API That are Worth Noting

Facebook sets a 90 day expiration to inactive app data but the new Graph API update allows the app developers to prompt users to renew access to their data. “If the developer decides to request access to someone’s data, we will remind the person that they used their Facebook username and password to login into this app. The user will then be able to review the data permissions for that app and either agree to turn on all or some permissions, or completely deny the request.”

Facebook is requiring all apps to be on the new Marketing API v3.2 platform as all prior versions of Facebook’s Marketing API was deprecated on Tuesday.

Facebook announced in August it had cut off access to its API platform for hundreds of thousands of inactive apps after their developers failed to submit them to the company’s new API review process that launched in July.

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