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The new Facebook tool is called Creative Compass and they say it is created to help advertisers and marketers measure the success of their Facebook Ads.
The Creative Compass evaluates the ad creative (usually image or video thumbnail) by analyzing and ranking key elements on a scale from low impact to high impact.
Here are the following key elements that Creative Compass evaluates:

  1. Noticeability
  2. Brand Association
  3. Brand Fit
  4. Message Comprehension
  5. Believability
  6. Information Content
  7. Emotional Reward
  8. Call to Action

So how does this help a marketer or advertiser improve his/her ad campaign? Facebook’s Creative Compass is an easy way to understand and predict the performance of the ad. It is supposed to tell the advertiser the likelihood of the target audience to respond to the call to action.
Rightfully, this feature is not yet available to all ad account owners. Only select partners are given access to the tool. Here is the GOOD news: Facebook plans to deploy this tool to all marketing/ad partners in 2019.

Expansion of the Marketing Partners Program

Facebook has a group of exclusive marketers that they vet and endorse for their proficiency in delivering results to their clients. This group is called Facebook Marketing Partners or FMP.
The Facebook Marketing Partners Program will be up for expansion in 2019. They intend to include smaller agencies like Reso Marketing Solutions who previously would not have qualified as official marketing partners.
This movement will be called Facebook PRO. It is designed to cater to small and medium advertising agencies. The social network said more details would come in 2019, adding in its blog post, “We want to help small and medium advertisers find new service providers that meet their marketing needs.”

Further Expansion: Facebook Marketing Consultants

Aside from Facebook PRO for small and medium agencies, Facebook will is gearing towards a new program for individuals and qualified professionals similar to FMPs.
This Facebook Marketing Consultants program aim to connect advertisers with vetted professionals. This program is still in its testing phase and no definite deployment date has been announced.
The FMC program is designed to meet the demand for implementation of marketing tools such as Facebook Pixels, product catalog setup, and dynamic ads setup.
All qualified applicants can visit facebook.com/fmc for more info. Unfortunately, this application is only available in selected countries.

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Rowil Ruelo

Rowil Ruelo

As the founder and marekting director of Reso Marketing Solutions, Rowil Ruelo is responsible for running the marketing and advertising side of the business. His fondness in the power of visual materials to influence consumers and generate sales eventually pushed him to go deeper into social media marketing specifically Facebook & Instagram Advertising.
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